• J2ME: enumerating Bluetooth services whilst simultaneously getting the service name

    by  • March 21, 2008 • bluetooth, j2me • 0 Comments

    On at least one device (a BlueSmirf), using the following construct in J2ME

    agent.searchServices(new int[] {0×100}, new UUID[]{new UUID},dev, this);

    will fail with an UNREACHABLE error code when searching for available Bluetooth services whilst also retrieving the service name  attribute (0x100).
    Instead, what I had to do was use

    agent.searchServices(null,new UUID[]{new UUID},dev, this);

    And then once all services have been discovered (in the serviceSearchCompleted() event of the BluetoothListener interface), populate the record with the service name by using the

    rec.populateRecord(new int[]{0×100});

    which seems to work absolutely fine! Hope this helps someone.


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